1.1 – Mid May

  • Enhanced Role Management


1.0.17 – May 14 2018

Added support for the following modules from PowerPack:

  • Animated Headlines
  • Hover Cards
  • Logos Grid
  • Timeline
  • Icon List
  • Advanced Tabs
  • Team
  • Pricing Table

1.0.16 – May 8 2018

Fixed bug affecting dynamic modules with mixed images or image types. Added support for Info List modules.

1.0.15 – May 4 2018

Sliders no longer collapse when being edited. Added support for image editing for testimonial (uabb/powerpack) and restaurant menu (powerpack) modules

1.0.14 – April 30 2018

Add all included WP files to locally included copy of tinymce. Fixes gravity forms conflict.

1.0.13 – April 26 2018

Fix errors in editing testimonial modules. These modules now collapse their sliders for proper editing.

1.0.12 – April 20 2018

Added support for PP Restaurant Menus and PP Testimonials, laid groundwork for greater user permission control

1.0.11 – April 8 2018
Added support for BB Accordion and UABB Icon List

1.0.10 – April 4 2018
Added support for UABB Accordion Modules and PowerPack Accordion Modules.

1.0.9 – April 1 2018

  • Minor changes to license page
  • Live Editor link now appears after exiting Beaver Builder without requiring a page reload

1.0.8 – March 26 2018

  • Fixed css incompatibility with the Beaver Builder Theme that prevented images from being selected properly in the Live Editor
  • Prioritized language files in wp-content/languages/wallace-inline over those included locally

1.0.7 – March 15 2018

  • Fixed error in fetching translation files, added more translateable strings

1.0.6 – March 13 2018

  • Added additional translatable strings for the buttons in the live editor controls

1.0.5 – March 12 2018

  • Added translation support
  • Css fix on live editor label

1.0.4 – March 9 2018

Fixed dashboard-update error introduced in 1.0.2. Dashboard updates will not work before this version. 

1.0.3 – March 6 2018

Fixed “Illegal string offset” php warning.

1.0.2 – March 5 2018

Fixed license checking issue

1.0.1 – March 3 2018

  • Optimized js production build
  • Changed source map build process

1.0.0 – March 1 2018

  • Added support for all module fields that support live preview in Beaver Builder, greatly increasing the total number of supported modules
  • Added tooltips when hovering over the lock button to clarify its purpose
  • Added ability to edit images from 3 basic image modules: Beaver Builder’s Image Module, PowerPack’s Image Module, and UABB’s Image Module
  • Added support for UABB’s Info List module, and refactored code to more easily support other dynamic modules in the future
  • Fixed bug preventing proper text selection on Firefox
  • Fixed bug with activation on the Edge browser
  • Fixed line-height discrepancy on some modules when activating the editor (now using locally maintained copy of TinyMCE)

0.2.1 – February 8 2018

Various bug fixes

  • IE 11 compatibility issue that prevented builder from activating
  • Css sizing issues with themes that set box-sizing: border-box
  • Issue with new svg icons added in 0.2.0 showing up where they shouldn’t
  • TinyMCE giving invalid input options when adding a new line to a multiline text module
  • Font consistency issues inside the live editor controls

0.2.0 – February 2 2018

This release improves permission controls

  • Prevent access to modules containing beaver themer connected fields
  • Respect beaver builder permissions for access to global modules
  • Allow admins to control editing permissions for non-admins on a field-by-field basis. Admins now have access to a “lock” button on their live editor that will lock and unlock fields for non-admin users of the live editor. Non-admin users will be unable to edit locked fields.
  • Posts controlled by Beaver Builder are now available for editing

0.1.5 – January 16 2018
Prevented external click handlers from running on editable module fields. Added popup confirmation when reloading, navigating away from, or closing a page with unsaved changes.

0.1.4 – January 12 2018
Provide update notice even without a valid license. Small improvements to settings page.

0.1.3 – January 10 2018
Fixed some style issues on control box and selectable module indicators

0.1.2 – January 9 2018
Added license check and one-click updating

0.1.1 – December 18 2017
Restrict plugin use to only pages created with beaver builder. Previously use was allowed on any page or post leading to unexpected behavior.

0.1.0 – November 30 2017
Initial Early Access Release