Plugin Activation

For logged in users with at the capability to "edit others posts" there is a link in the admin bar on the front end your site labeled "Live Editor". Click this button to activate the editor. 

Click the Live Editor button in the top admin bar to start Wallace Inline.

Browser Support

Supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge. IE11 is not currently supported.

PHP Support

Wallace Inline requires PHP version 7.0 or higher

Module Support

In Elementor, Wallace Inline currently supports the most used elements, with more elements being added regularly. If an element you're using isn't supported email me at and I'll prioritize it for support in the next update. 

The vast majority of modules included with Beaver Builder are supported by Wallace Inline. Additionally most modules included in the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder and PowerPack for Beaver Builder plugins are supported. 

Limited Access

WordPress User Roles can be given either Full Capability access or Limited Capability access. Limited Capability users can edit but they cannot change settings or lock modules for others. Full Capability users can lock down modules and edit settings. A typical usecase is to use Full Capability for yourself, and give then your clients Limited Capability. 

You can also give a specific user access to edit a specific page. This is perfect for a directory or listing site where the listings owner can edit their own page but no one else's.  

Select a field and click the lock button to prevent access by Editors using Wallace Inline. 

Use the frontend menu to assign user roles and individual users to either Full Capability or Limited Capability.

Image Editing

When images are edited it attempts to retain the same size-category that the previous image had. So if you replace a "large" image, Wallace Inline will attempt to select the "large" version of the new image. If there is no matching size, Wallace Inline will use the full-size image instead.

An example of a selected image ready to be edited.

Saving and Publishing

When changes are published through Wallace Inline, it will also publish any pending changes in Beaver Builder. To prevent unwanted changes from being published, save your changes from Beaver Builder as a draft before editing in Wallace Inline.

The saving and publishing process in Wallace Inline

Restoring after Publishing

Published changes from Wallace Inline are stored as Revisions. You can always restore a revision if you don't like what you have published with Wallace Inline.

Updates and Support

To get updates and support please save and register your license key in your dashboard under Settings -> Wallace Inline. Your license key can be found on your account page.

For support inquiries email me at


The plugin isn't activating/I'm getting a JS error

This is often an issue with a faulty js minification caused by a caching plugin such as W3 Total Cache or Autoptimize. Try to disable the JS minification feature of these plugins or put in an exception for Wallace Inline. Wallace Inline already includes optimized and minified js code. 

I don't see the Live Editor button in the toolbar

Make sure your current logged in user is either an Admin or has been given access in the Role-based controls (see Limited Access above). Also make sure the page or post you're on is currently actively edited with Beaver Builder. Wallace Inline does not currently work with regular WordPress posts and pages, even if they're laid out with Beaver Themer.